The time and focus you dedicated to me was unprecedented. The knowledge you shared, versus just alluding to having, was fantastic. The recommendations you gave me as far as reading and meditation ideas were unique and much appreciated.
— Jennifer
It is clear that you are looking at whole health. Cause, effect, association, etc. You are great at unraveling the “knot” of symptoms....You work patiently through the process with trust and belief in the patient.
— Stephanie
Stephanie’s intuitive and thorough style of Acupuncture left me feeling refreshed and completely “in tune” with my body. Stephanie has an incredible ability for bringing forth a mind-body connection, while her needling style is gentle and calming. I would recommend Stephanie to anyone who wants to try Acupuncture, she truly listens and tailors treatments individually for each visit. Thank you, Stephanie!
— Aubrey
Stephanie’s expertise, genuine warmth, and gentle sense of humor always make me feel BETTER. I feel that she truly understands me in a unique way, and knows exactly & intuitively what to do to help me heal at a deep level.
— Michelle
Stephanie has become such an important part of my overall well-being and health. As a middle-aged woman, I’ve begun dealing with some hormonal and medical issues this past year. Stephanie not only listens sincerely and carefully to whatever symptoms I’m experiencing, she uses a holistic approach to my treatment that integrates nutrition, Chinese herbs, acupuncture, and guided imagery. If I enter her office feeling bad - irritable, exhausted, sad, etc. - I always leave there feeling calm and refreshed. Her calm demeanor, sincerity, and perseverance in figuring out the root cause of any issue I’m dealing with make her an amazing acupuncturist!
— Nicole
When I choose to get acupuncture it seems to be because I am in pain. Steph always does her best to get me in right away. Her calming and reassuring manner makes me feel immediately better about my situation and the acupuncture I am about to receive. Her knowledge and understanding of her practice shines through. I always feel better after a treatment with Steph.
— Adrienne
My name is Ken and in the last year had bladder failure. After conferring with a Urology Specialist in January I had prostate surgery which did not solve the problem completely. I went to Stephanie in February and March for acupuncture and herbs for help with my recovery. It was beneficial helping me to return to near normal functioning. She is a very professional, reliable and caring person with great qualifications. I needed help with constipation as well and she also assisted me with herbs and acupuncture which helped the situation. I would highly recommend Stephanie.
— Ken
My middle-age, menopausal world has been righted because of Stephanie and her expertise with acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. The hot flashes that I had every half hour, day and night, completely disappeared after the short time I spent with her this summer. Stephanie si such a good listener and cares about what her clients think and feel-it makes a big difference in the experience.
— Michelle M
Hormone issues are fun. Not! Before I started receiving acupuncture and Chinese herbal treatments from Stephanie, I was dealing with severe mood swings, sleep issues, appetite fluctuations, irregular periods, and all kinds of other fun symptoms. Since seeing Stephanie on a regular basis and taking supplements, all of these have drastically improved. I’m sleeping through the night, regulating my appetite and periods, and my PMS is improving. That’s just the long term benefits. She has also helped me fight colds, reduce pain, and more from her acupuncture treatments. If you’re looking to an alternative to taking tons of medicines to help with any health issues, go see Stephanie! Your quality of life will improve!!
— Meghann
Stephanie has this amazing ability to get you to relax and feel very comfortable. She is extremely knowledgeable and thorough and I leave every visit feeling great.
— Wendi