Your ongoing health journey is a deeply personal experience in self-awareness of body & mind

I believe:  

  • In treating the whole person, not just the disease, recognizing the body-mind-emotional-spirit connection.  Your story being heard is just as important as the symptoms you are experiencing.  
  • Supporting a person’s natural ability to heal through hands-on treatment, self-awareness and self-cultivation, embracing self-care practices to nourish one's life.
  • Balance in life fosters health to meet your highest potential physically, emotionally and mentally.
  • Education will empower patients to embody what health means to them in body and mind.
  • Healthcare should be customized to each patient’s constitution and needs. 
  • Healing is an inherently creative and participatory process. I believe in a symbiotic partnership with a patient, thus creating a “health partnership.”  
  • Disease and healing is not a purely physical activity. Beliefs, attitudes, emotions, stress, habits and diet all play a critical role in well-being. 
  • Healing is an inside job.  

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