My Methods

I am trained in Traditional Eastern Medicine and my focus is Lifestyle Medicine or Yang Sheng which translates to Nourishing Life in Chinese. Lifestyle Medicine is a branch of medicine dealing with prevention, and reversal of chronic illness caused by lifestyle factors such as nutrition, physical inactivity, chronic stress, mood disorders and poor quality sleep.    

"Chinese Medicine, while distinct from modern bio-medicine, is a complete evidence-based practice that has been helping people for millennia. Chinese Medicine can offer a new map to the human body—one that can help you on a daily basis understand what your body and mind are telling you, and adjust accordingly." 

Besides acupuncture, I also provide:

  • Herbal Medicine
  • Holistic Health Coaching 
  • Online Wellness Courses
  • Chinese Nutritional Therapy
  • Integrative Women's Health    


If you are like many other people who find themselves in need of healthcare support, you are familiar with the frustration of rushed appointments, healthcare professionals who don’t really know you, the dissatisfaction with standard treatment options of drugs, surgery, and the feeling of helplessness and disempowerment as a patient by not being heard about how your life has changed.   

I do “health care” a little differently.  That’s because I look at the ‘whole picture’.  I want to get to know you, your priorities, your stories, the things that make your heart sing; to really understand the events that lead to your current state of health and what your health goals are.  I want to know you in body, mind, emotion and spirit.  Who you “are” is just as important, if not more important, than the symptoms/illness you are experiencing.  I treat the patient not the disease.

I create an individualized treatment plan designed to stimulate your body’s natural healing abilities.  So, ultimately, it is you and your body that do the real healing with my support and care. 

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My Goals for you: 

Step One:  Relief

You want to feel better so you can enjoy life.  Our first goal working together is to relieve your symptoms so you can do the things you love. 

Step Two: Dig Deep and Heal the Root Cause

Symptoms are often messengers of a deeper imbalance.  Chinese Medicine excels at getting to the root of symptoms by looking at the whole person through an ancient evidence based method to achieve balance and ultimately true health.  During our work together, we will explore the elements of a happy, healthy life and how it can support you in your healing journey no matter what it is you are working on.  Click here to read more on how I can help you.  

Step Three:  Support Through Partnership

I am a partner in your journey of healing and wellness.  I treat you with integrity, honesty, and compassion while working with you on your health goals.  Health is not a destination but a journey.  As a teacher, I will provide you with easy to implement tools and strategies as it relates to your specific health condition. 

Step Four:  Well Care

Chinese Medicine at its core is preventative medicine.  It has been around for centuries because it is effective at helping people live happy, healthy lives.  Where modern medicine excels at acute treatment, Chinese Medicine excels at chronic conditions that often are not helped by drugs and surgery.  Make Chinese Medicine a part of your health plan just like going to the gym. 

I recognize from my own experience as a patient and cancer survivor, that no one healthcare approach is best for everyone.  I am here to help you make the best choices for you in your journey in health.  I gladly coordinate care with other members of your healthcare team and will refer out when necessary.