What can Chinese herbs do for me?

Chinese Herbal therapy or herb medicine has three main functions:

  • treat the acute diseases and conditions such as killing bacteria or a virus;
  • heal chronic illness such as gastrointestinal disorders, respiratory disorders, allergies, immune system deficiency, etc. by strengthening the body, helping it to recover;
  • maintain daily life health by keeping the balance of human body.

How do I take my herbal formula?

Measure out the amount indicated on your prescription and add 1-2 ounces of hot water to dissolve the granulated powder and drink.  Depending on your preference you can add more or less water.  Most people will want to drink it quickly as it the taste is not typical of herbal tea.  

Why is it in powdered form?  Why can’t I take a pill?

First, most of us have weak digestive function and taking a pill is one more step your stomach needs to break down before digesting.  If digestion is weak, there is strong possibility that what is inside the pill will go undigested and excreted through the urine or bowels with reduced or no effect.    

Second, granulated powders allow for customized formulas specific to your needs.  Pills and capsules do not allow for that customization.

Why do I have to take the formula multiple times a day?

As with any modern drug, blood levels need to stay consistent for the effect to be optimal.  Because herbal medicine is natural the half-life of the active constituents in herbs is very different than pharmaceutical drugs.  To get the most benefit from your herbal prescription, please commit to taking it as directed to get the most benefit.  

How long do I have to take my formula?

How long you need to take your herbal prescription is based on how long the condition has been going on.  Long-term chronic conditions will take longer to resolve and could take months to resolve.  Acute conditions like a cold or flu should be resolved quickly.  Constitutional formulas can be taken off and on for years to support your bodies ability to adapt to lifestyle, emotions, diet etc.  

Why do you give me a one-week supply? 

Change is constant in the human body.  As treatment progresses your body will need adjustments based on what is going on. 

Can I take it with food?  Coffee?  Other supplements?

It is best to take herbal prescriptions away from other food, drink or supplements unless specifically directed to take with food.  The reason is that your herbal formula will “compete” with whatever else you are ingesting and the effectiveness may be reduced. 

How much will each weekly herbal prescription cost? 

Between $15-$20 a week depending on the herbs that are in the formula.