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For more than two millennia, Chinese herbs have been used in Asia as a first line of defense against acute diseases, as well as a cure for chronic diseases. Extensive Chinese clinical studies and research done in the last several decades in the East and West demonstrate that Chinese herbs greatly increase the effectiveness of Western medical treatments while reducing the toxic side effects of pharmaceuticals.

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Beauty of Chinese Herbal Medicine Formulas

In China, more than 3,200 herbs and 300 mineral extracts are used in more than 400 formulas. Herbal formulas may contain 4 to 12 different ingredients, to be taken in the form of teas, powders, pills, tinctures, or syrups.

Traditionally, Chinese herbs are prepared by boiling roots, branches, leaves, fruits, berries and crushed shells for periods of time, and drinking the resulting tea. Patients generally prefer the powdered or dried extracts of these teas, which are scientifically prepared for standardization of active ingredients, as well as for their more pleasant taste and ease of administration.

Acute vs. Chronic Conditions

Illnesses that arise suddenly and need to be treated quickly, such as flu and colds, are normally treated for a period of one to 30 days, and formulas can change often during a course of treatment.

Chronic diseases, such as hypertension, type two diabetes, low back pain, and stress-related conditions, may require taking herbs for three months to a year or more.

A general rule of thumb is one month of care for every year that you have had a certain medical condition. This is why it is important to use herbal remedies under the supervision of a trained Chinese Medicine Herbalist rather than treating yourself. A Chinese Medicine Herbalist will adjust and customize your formula as your condition improves and changes.

Quality and Safety

At Happy Healthy Life, we take pride in offering herbal formulations that meet the following guidelines:

  • Good Agricultural Practices of Raw Material (GAP)
  • Geo-Authentic Selection
  • Herb Authenticity
  • Advanced Testing for Quality and Safety
  • Protection Against Heavy Metals
  • Non-Detectable Pesticides
  • Safety Against Bacteria

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