Nutrition Should Be Customized to the Individual

Doctors should first understand the cause of disease, then treat it with diet. Medicine should only be used if diet fails.
— Sun Simiao, 6th Century AD Chinese Physician and Philosopher

Nutrition and diet, part of the 8 branches of Chinese Medicine, is a fundamental part of Chinese Medicine that can either assist or hinder our daily efforts to maintain health or recover from illness. 

It is not just a matter of eating healthy foods, but of eating foods that are right for your individual body type and other conditions, such as your emotional state and seasonal influence.

There is no such thing as a universal “right” diet. Each of us has a different constitution, and therefore different needs. 

Energetics of Food: An Old New Way of Looking at the Diet

As discussed in Foundations of Chinese Medicine, the foods we eat enhance our Qi, or life force.

After we are born, we nourish our bodies with air, food and water–none of which we can live without. From a Western perspective, the food’s chemical composition gives the body micronutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, and macronutrients, such as carbohydrates, protein and fats necessary for almost every function in the body.

Before labs, Chinese physicians had no knowledge of micronutrients and macronutrients, but they observed how the particular food qualities of taste, the five flavors, and temperature interacted with the body in an energetic sense after digestion. 

Certain foods are viewed as warming and nourishing, while others are seen as cooling and eliminating. Some foods activate our metabolism, while others slow it down. Some foods generate warmth and some generate coolness. Some nourish our kidneys, and others our hearts or our livers.

For example, fruits in general have a sweet, cooling quality that is good for hot conditions inside or outside of the body. Think about how good a piece of watermelon tastes on a hot summer day. 

It is here, in the realm of differential diagnosis, that Chinese Medicine can offer you a deeper insight into your nutritional needs.  

At Happy Healthy Life we work individually with each client to:

  • Learn about food and how it interacts with the body and mind in new fun way
  • Increase energy levels by choosing foods right for your constitution
  • Set and accomplish goals around your diet that are reasonable and empowering, not disciplinary and depriving
  • Recognize the power of beliefs and attitudes around food and how it affects your diet
  • Embrace food as a partner in the health of your body

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Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.
— Hippocrates, 4th Century BC Greek Physician and Philosopher