Your Body As A Sailboat

Getting to the Root Cause

Imagine you own a leaky sailboat with a broken rudder and a huge tear in the sail. To fix it, a shipwright gives you a pail to bail out the water, saws off the rudder, safety-pins the sail, and sends you on your merry way. Feel like jumping in ?

What if your body was the boat and your doctor offered the same remedies?

Unfortunately, this often happens with modern medicine. The bucket is a pill, the sawed-off rudder is surgery, and the safety pin is a crutch for a chronic condition. These “solutions” won’t get to the root cause of the problem and none will heal the illness.

Medicine Is More than Pills and Surgery

Unlike modern medicine, Chinese medicine (or East Asian Medicine) is about health, not disease. It treats the whole person—not just the part that is broken—so the illness can’t come back. To heal the whole person, three interconnected elements—physical, emotional and mental—need to be treated; fixing one is not a cure.

Feeling Like a Machine?

Through acupuncture and other Chinese medical treatments, you will learn how to relate to your body in a new way. Modern medicine may have you thinking you are like a machine (or a boat, for that matter) with interchangeable parts, but you are so much more than that. You have emotions and thoughts that greatly influence your physical state and vice versa.

You Have the Power to Heal

You have a life force within you that is creative, dynamic and has the power to heal. Chinese medicine helps you tap into that force and change your health (and life) for the better.

Do you want to continue to bail out water, or heal? Open yourself up to more than one way to health and wellness. Contact me to schedule a complementary 30-minute consult today.

Jumping In

I hear the voice in the back of my head as I jump into the deep water off the coast of Puerto Vallarta to snorkel for the first time.  

“You can do this Steph!”  

I see Matt, my husband,  in the water below me smile and encourage me with kind words.  But beyond him and below him, I see deep blue water where anything could be lurking to get me. The fear of the unknown creeps up again and I start to hesitate.  My breath is shallow. There is no way to back out now.    

So I dive in.

My face under water, I don't want to open my eyes.    But when I do, all the fear leaves my body.  It is amazing. There is another world below the surface and I am part of it.

Seven years prior to this moment I wouldn't have been on a boat to go snorkeling. Just being in the water at the beach would give me heart palpitations.  My fear of deep water had been with me since I was a child.  

It was a long road of transformation to love deep water.  

And chronic illness prepares you to face your greatest fears too. 

Cancer, a chronic and often times deadly illness, does a funny thing to a person. I know.  Just like deep water, I now realize there really is nothing as scary as potentially dying without living your life to the fullest.  Every moment.  Every day. That includes doing things that scare me.  It is all about transformation.

Now I sit at the precipice of the great unknown again.  Only this time, it is allowing my voice to come out. It is time for me to start writing about my journey in health and how Chinese Medicine can support life, no matter where you are.  It is time for medicine to heal our bodies, minds and spirits.  Not just cover up symptoms.  

Health can be a scary journey.  It can often mean letting go of a part of you that no longer serves you.  Whether that be certain foods you eat, unhealthy relationships, self-talk, or working less. Whatever it is, health is about transformation and riding the changing tide with grace and ease.  

You see, if we aren’t changing/transforming we are dead.  Change is constant.

I made the choice thirteen years ago to transform through my illness. It hasn’t been easy and there is no destination. It is a journey.  It is a daily process of choices to cultivate my body, mind and spirit in ways that support me on my journey in this “earth suit” to be the best I can be.  And Chinese Medicine helps me navigate my life in health. 

What do you do everyday to support your journey of transformation in health and wellness?  I would love to hear how you choose health and what works for you in this crazy modern world we live in.  

If you would like to learn more about how Chinese Medicine can be a part of your transformation in health, please call contact me for a complementary 30- minute consult.  

To your health!