Your Body As A Sailboat

Getting to the Root Cause

Imagine you own a leaky sailboat with a broken rudder and a huge tear in the sail. To fix it, a shipwright gives you a pail to bail out the water, saws off the rudder, safety-pins the sail, and sends you on your merry way. Feel like jumping in ?

What if your body was the boat and your doctor offered the same remedies?

Unfortunately, this often happens with modern medicine. The bucket is a pill, the sawed-off rudder is surgery, and the safety pin is a crutch for a chronic condition. These “solutions” won’t get to the root cause of the problem and none will heal the illness.

Medicine Is More than Pills and Surgery

Unlike modern medicine, Chinese medicine (or East Asian Medicine) is about health, not disease. It treats the whole person—not just the part that is broken—so the illness can’t come back. To heal the whole person, three interconnected elements—physical, emotional and mental—need to be treated; fixing one is not a cure.

Feeling Like a Machine?

Through acupuncture and other Chinese medical treatments, you will learn how to relate to your body in a new way. Modern medicine may have you thinking you are like a machine (or a boat, for that matter) with interchangeable parts, but you are so much more than that. You have emotions and thoughts that greatly influence your physical state and vice versa.

You Have the Power to Heal

You have a life force within you that is creative, dynamic and has the power to heal. Chinese medicine helps you tap into that force and change your health (and life) for the better.

Do you want to continue to bail out water, or heal? Open yourself up to more than one way to health and wellness. Contact me to schedule a complementary 30-minute consult today.