Happy Healthy Life is a Eastern Medicine practice, which includes Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, and Holistic Health Coaching located in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.  


My mission is to work with patients and other healthcare professionals in optimizing health and wellness in body, mind and spirit through the integration of Traditional Eastern Medicine with other modalities like Conventional Western Medicine in treating chronic illness.   

My goal is to help patients with a chronic illness connect with a personal sense of purpose and inspiration during their journey in health, rather than simply treating the disease and individual symptoms. Chinese Medicine is founded in “Yang Sheng Fa”, The Art of Nourishing Life. Nourishing life is about the person and not the illness.  It is about transformation and healing from the inside out in body, mind and spirit. 

My role is to educate patients so they have the tools to sustain health on their own with minimal intervention and maximum quality of life.  As William H Mayo said, "The ideal of medicine is to eliminate the need for a physician."   

I am here for people who want to integrate more than one system of medicine in their healthcare journey and would like to expand knowledge of their body and mind beyond western biomedicine alone.